IT Mobile Developer

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Job Requirement :

1. Minimum education (S1) IT/Computer Science/Computer Science.

2. Minimum 3 years experience in Mobile App with OOP programming concepts.

3. Mastering Java for Android, Swift for iOS, and Objective C for iOS.

4. Experienced in using Unity3d to export to Xcode and Android Studio.

5. Able to master important libraries in Mobile SDK development for Android

6. Able to master creating views for Android using XML and iOS using constraints on xib files.

7. Able to use English in making technical documents, verbal explanations and providing explanations for other development teams.

8. Having the ability to use the Adjust tracker library is a plus.

9. Having the ability to publish Mobile App in the Huawei store, Oppo store, Google play, App Store and Vivo store is a plus.

10. Having the ability to use Gitlab in publishing libraries for Xcode and Android Studio is a plus.


Job Description :

1. Published Mobile App in the Google Play store, App Store, Huawei Store, Oppo Store and Vivo Store.

2. Payment using Google play billing system, Apple Pay, Huawei payment sdk, Oppo sdk, Vivo sdk

3. Login with google, facebook, guest account and official sdk account

4. The SDK for iOS and Android must compatible with game engine Unity3d and cocos2d without any issue

5. The SDK user interface and user experience must works based on planning from design team and top management

6. The game using tracker for Adjust SDK and Firebase SDK

7. Providing english documentation and live assistant for Chinese game developer

8. Making sample SDK project for Android, Unity3d, iOS and Cocos2d

9. Add SDK unique feature like banned user, web payment for VIP user and many other

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