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Hero Rush

Enter the world that can be controlled by you. You are a hero who must defeat all the enemies that come to you. Get and learn all the skills available to strengthen yourself and fight defeating your enemies. Do not give up! You are not alone to be able to defeat all of them, you can invite your friends to defeat all enemies, Feel the entire combination of skills that you get to make you able to survive longer so that you will face your last enemy


Find friends and create your own music communiy. You can also join other community that already has a name to increase your social status. The lounge area also available so you can hang out with your friends and also find your true love. All of the TRENDY FASHION in Audistar can make your style cooler so you can be a Superstar, the IDOL that is beloved by everyone, and even be a trendsetter in millennial!

Magic and Myth

Magic and Myth: Legenda Sang Naga is an MMORPG game that tells the battle of the gods to save a world ruled by darkness with the help of knights and other mythological creatures. Meet the choosen one from all over the realm, fear not death and fight for honor!

Better Future

We provide space for you to grow and develop optimally, so that you can be the one who wants to make a difference in your social life

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